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    Andrea Jaeger began her professional tennis career at the age of 14. While she enjoyed the time she spent on the court winning, she felt compelled to do more. After years of dominating the tennis world, Ms. Jaeger felt compelled to give back—and promptly began putting her money where her mouth was. When she had to choose between helping children in need and furthering her professional tennis career, she chose the latter. Her award-winning ways began when she donated her tennis earnings. Andrea Jaeger has raised over $135 million to support children with cancer and children in need, and she hopes to double that amount.

    Humanitarian Work
    Ms. Jaeger has spent more than 36 years as the Founder and President of the Little Star Foundation working to improve the lives of children with cancer and children in need. The Foundation provides long-term care, financial assistance, therapeutic play programs, medical support, education, and outreach care programs to pediatric cancer patients, their families, and communities. The Little Star Foundation also helps children who are facing difficulties in their lives that are not related to a cancer diagnosis. Andrea Jaeger's work in establishing the Little Star Foundation has given hope to children facing unimaginable challenges.

    The Little Star Foundation has a direct impact on children with cancer and others in need in the following ways:
    Jeff Crawford Memorial Scholarship: The Jeff Crawford Scholarship, named after Cindy Crawford's brother, provides financial assistance to children with cancer who have been accepted to accredited colleges and universities.

    Sports, arts, play, and animal therapy programs are available. Cancer has an irreversible impact on children and their families, and experiential therapy can help children cope emotionally and physically during cancer treatment. Children with cancer can relive their childhood through sports, art, play, and interaction with animals in a safe environment, all while benefiting from carefully designed therapeutic programs.

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